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Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning Services in Bradenton, FL

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Auto Electrical Services

The number of electrical components in your vehicle is astonishing. From power windows and locks, to brake lights and more, there are things that could go wrong that you rely on heavily. Lucky the experts at USA Transmission have you covered. We can handle any electrical repair your car needs and have you back on the road fast.

Our Auto Electrical Services Include:

• Lights
• Radio
• Signals
• Power windows / doors
• Batteries
• Dashboard lighting
Keep the electrical systems in your vehicle running smoothly with our services.

You'll never realize how heavily you rely on the electronics in your vehicle until they don't work. In some cases, such as a brake light failure, it can be dangerous and illegal to not get repairs done as quickly as possible. We can help get you fixed up fast.

Come in today for any electrical repair on your car. We hire only ASE certified technicians to work on your vehicle, because we are as particular about quality as you are. Bring your car into us today for the most top-notch services in the area, and see the difference we can offer to you.
With ASE certified technicians and over
40 years experience
under our belts, trust us for all your needs.
Call us today to get started on any engine repair you need.

Auto Air Conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning repair can include a variety of tasks ranging from small to large-scale. Everything from an annual inspection or performance check to diagnosis and replacement of system components can be completed at USA Transmission by a qualified technician. Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks.
• System fan level check
• System PSI pressure reading to verify Freon level
• Output temperature check
• Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation
• Belts and hoses inspection to discover indications of aging and potential failure
• Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure
Keep up with repair and maintenance on your AC to ensure you will be cool on a dime.

USA Transmission auto A/C recharge services include everything from inspection to repair. So, if your A/C has developed problems and you would rather be cool than cooked, let the highly trained and experienced technicians at USA Transmission have a look. Call us today to get any AC repair on your car done quickly.